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Copyright to the National Diet Library Web Archiving Project (WARP) is retained by the National Diet Library, excluding copyright content on archived websites.
The copyright to content on archived websites is retained by the original copyright owner. Care is needed when using archived materials to respect the copyright and limit your reuse of such material to the extent permitted by copyright law.

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Secondary Use of Archived Websites

You are responsible for obtaining permission from the original copyright holder when you intend to reprint any images, documents, articles, data, or other content from archived websites.

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We welcome and encourage other websites to link to pages of the WARP. No permission is necessary to do so, but please be sure that links are labelled clearly to indicate that WARP is the destination site.
Feel free to use the following banners to create links to WARP.

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The National Diet Library cannot be held responsible for any act committed by a library patron using information obtained from the WARP.
The archiving of web content by WARP constitutes neither a recommendation nor an endorsement of the information contained on the archived website. The National Diet Library is unable to control or to guarantee the accuracy, legality or safety of information on websites linked via WARP.
Also please note that the National Diet Library reserves the right to modify or to delete content and URLs of WARP at any time as well as to suspend service without prior notice.

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Access Logs

The National Diet Library automatically collects information on users who access WARP content, including the IP address, access time and date, content accessed, and name of browser used. Access logs are used in the creation of statistics for business analysis or to improve our services, but not to identify individuals.

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Protection of Personal Information

The National Diet Library has established standards for the protection of personal information and is committed to the proper handling of all confidential information.

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