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Featured Collections

Below, we introduce archived contents for a variety of subjects and provide visual representations for them. (The articles are written in Japanese.)

Visualization of the Websites Archived in WARP

This bubble chart shows the relative size of data accumulated from each of the 14,000 websites archived in WARP. Thus, you can see at a glance what websites and how much data are archived in WARP.

What Percentage of URLs and Content on Websites Are Gone?

We extracted 10 million files from archived websites of national institutions, and examined the percentage of URLs and content which have vanished over the past 5 years.

Japanese Archipelago in WARP

Here is a moving image that shows how much WARP archived websites of local governments by year from 2003 to 2015. Local governments' home pages captured by WARP are arranged according to their actual position, and those websites make the Japanese archipelago.

Link Relations between Websites in Japan's 47 Prefectures

The circular graph illustrates links between websites in Japan's 47 prefectures, thereby showing the extent of their interconnection on the web.

Obsolete Websites of Defunct Municipalities

As a result of promoting municipal mergers, the number of municipalities in Japan decreased from 3,232 in 1999 to 1,719 in 2013. WARP preserves obsolete websites of defunct municipalities.

Online Publications

The websites that are archived in WARP contain many PDF files of books and periodical articles. We search for these online publications and add metadata to those that are considered significant. These PDF files with metadata are then stored into the "National Diet Library Digital Collections" as part of the "Online Publications" collection. This service will help you search efficiently and quickly for an important publication in the flood of information on the Internet.

Prefectural Gazettes

After a prefecture of Japan enacts ordinances, it is required to publish them in a Prefectural Gazette. Today, all Japan's Prefectural Gazettes are available on the internet, and WARP has been archiving them.

The Collection of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI)

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) are funds that are intended for developments in all scientific research ranging from the humanities and the social sciences to the natural sciences. Some research projects funded by KAKENHI publish their research outline or results on the web. However, those websites are often gone after the end of the research period. WARP archives many KAKENHI websites.

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